5. Pouring Rain

An "Unforgettable" Chorus Is Born

In the bright blue beyond this I will be a different man I promise you
If that's the way it's gotta be with you. 

For three years, whenever I would pick up a guitar, I'd play this riff and I'd come to the chorus and I'd sing these words and I would maybe do a little high five with myself think "ah, when I make my next record, this is sure to be on it."

Collaboration is a key to my process. Maybe *the* key. And in the spring of 2015, just a few months before this session was set to begin, Karl Linder's contribution to the formation of this song was his willingness to hold up a metaphorical mirror for me and help me see that I didn't mean a damn word of that chorus I'd been singing for 3 years.

Without the chorus to work backwards from, the verses were also meaningless.

So, with the weeks before the recording session dwindling quickly, I hit the road with Mia up the West Coast for a tour with a few simple creative goals of my own: write every day, fine tune what's there, and find the right chorus for this song. 

The view from our cabin.

The view from our cabin.

Inspiration In Eastern Oregon

The secret about writing every day is that, more often than not, the work that comes out when you Sit Down To Write is mediocre or frustrating. But the key is just to do it and you open yourself up to the possibility that you'll find what you're looking for, often when you least expect it. 

So halfway through the tour, I had kept my word and every day I had sat down for an hour to write. Little had changed until one night we had just finished playing on an outdoor stage next to a barn under the giant desert mountains of eastern Oregon, the campfire was raging, the locals were too, and I was headed up the hill to our cabin the woods.  

And in that one moment, I was Mythical Songwriter Guy. Overtaken by a melody and a lyric that I just had to record at that moment, mumbling to myself, fumbling for the phone to just get it down. 

I pulled a guitar out of the van and started working with the idea some more, trying line after line after line. There was still more work to do but I finally had the centerpiece of the song. 


One Last Thing...

This guy = my secret weapon.

This guy = my secret weapon.

This was one of my favorite songs to record with everyone at the house. I meant every word I sang, and I loved everything everyone was playing. As usual, Sam Smith played the less-obvious drum part, making it sound as though it was always meant to be that way. 

As it came closer to time release the song, I wasn't satisfied with the impact of the chorus so I reached out to Mr. Chorus Impact himself, Gregory Douglass, to sing with me. I could write an essay about the reasons why having Greg on this song was important to me (decades of friendship, his bravery in love, the fact that he makes me look good) but I think the emotional depth he brings to the recording speaks for itself. 

(Sidney, Linder)

LEAD VOCAL + RHTHYM GUITAR - Erin "Syd" Sidney     
BACKGROUND VOCALS - Gregory Douglass, Mia Dyson
DRUMS - Sam Smith    GUITAR - Dylan Allen   GUITAR - Joe Ballaro  
PIANO + KEYS - Zac Clark    BASS - Sam Bolle


feel like we’re driving in the pouring rain
feel like the sun will never rise again
i know it looks like it's our darkest day
baby, can we let the blue sky in?

the sound of hearing your heart break
turn around I wanna see your face
got so caught up in the mess we made 
there is something I forgot to say

I’ve got you I promise
we gave each other wedding rings
I said I do
and that’s the way I'm gonna be with you

I never know just where I’m headed to
just where I’m going can’t be without you
maybe it's simple maybe it gets rough
I  want to reach I want to feel your touch

I’ve got you I promise
we gave each other wedding rings
I said I do
and that’s the way I'm gonna be with you

that’s the way I'm gonna be