Thank you for listening and for reading. As an epilogue, here’s the original note I wrote in 2015 when this project began. Until next time….

Erin “Syd” Sidney
September, 2018
Ojai, CA

Welcome to the Living Liner Notes for “Easy Magic”.

This spring after Apple Music launched I wrote an article bemoaning the lack of meaningful credits on streaming and digital download services. 

In that post I pledged to do something to continue offering liner notes for my work as the majority of listening shifted online. Liner notes are something I see as an essential part of the album art form. 

A booklet and the music - that simple multimedia experience ignited the imaginations of generations of music makers and fans. I want you to be able to press play and read along.

This is my take on that basic idea.  I’m making it available only to those of you that pre-ordered the album at first. Once the album is finished, I plan to make this site public so people can experience the music as I intended. 

-originally posted November 2015