7. No No

Orpheo McCord in his truck

Orpheo McCord in his truck

A true stepper, rhythmically speaking. I am forever fascinated by the tale of the infamous Doc Ellis game on June 12th, 1970 in which he pitched a “no no” on LSD (“No no” is slang for a no-hitter, a seldom matched baseball feat, where a pitcher goes a whole game with no hits). I do not know which is better, that Doc’s acid “no no” actually happened, or his re-telling of the story, which has been made into a brilliant animation short.

GUITARS + BASS + ORGAN - Scott Hirsch DRUMS + CONGAS - Orpheo McCord SAXOPHONES - Karl Hunter HARMONY SINGING - Jade Hendrix, Lauren Barth

I got a no no going
I’m getting out of this town
My wheels are low and rolling
They hum a lonesome sound

When I get back to my baby
There’ll be no more coming down

She’s got that moon in her valley
Purple diamonds for eyes
I left the darkness of the alley
For her wide open skies

I’m going back to California
Where the grass grows so high

I got a Rhythm Ace in my pocket
I turn it up on high
I got that white line fever
Feel like the end is nigh

I got a no no going
I’m passing Tulsa town
White knuckle red ball rolling
I’m staring that hood ornament down